Customer Journey Ends At Delivery

Customer Journey Nailed

I love technology to resolve the problems of today and the future.

Ecommerce is tough, we guys work very hard, build a website, set up e-commerce technology, beautiful photos, engaging content, excellent marketing strategy, and the desired result to create an exceptional customer journey resulting in lots of sales.

Wow, man, I can do it; yes, you can; all I mentioned above is under your control and mission accomplished.

That’s the correct way to think, the above-mentioned checklist is important, but there is one important piece which is not in our control, and that is “deliveries.”


Delivery is an indispensable part of the feel-good journey your client expects from your store.

Let’s explain what the customer journey is on your online store.

1)Hoping to find the right product description.

2) Hoping to see a great deal on products.

3) Hoping that the check-out process is simple, transparent, and shipping options to choose from.

Is this the customer journey you want from your e-commerce store?

This experience or, for the sake of this article, let’s stick to journey releases a brain chemical dopamine encourage exploration anticipating a reward, sales or something unique, resulting in returning clients, sharing of your store with friends and family and leaving a 5-star review.

If you guys are with me until now, it's making sense to all my co- entrepreneurs.

Well, after that beautiful journey on your e-commerce store, the customer is expecting the package to arrive and open it; yeah, all cool mission accomplished.

However, wait, let me tell you what may happen when others control the delivery experience and not you.

1) Late Delivery by days or even weeks

2) Package Misplaced

3) Damaged Package

4) Difficult Return Process

The chances are that this customer will not buy again from you or recommend your website to a friend or family; alternatively, leave a 3-star review.

Is this the desired customer journey you or your client want?

Don’t you want to delight your customers and increase sales? Well, take control of your deliveries, a good strategy for sales and customer experience.

Pikkop is revolutionizing the first mile frictions for microempresas in Mexico and is dedicated to making your customer’s journey memorable until the product is delivered and your customer is delighted.

Mejorar Los Márgenes || Ecommerce || Logistica || Dirijo mi propio comercio electrónico y lo que me haya funcionado lo compartiré aquí.

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