Supporters of presidential candidate Andres Manual Lopez Obrador of the leftist Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) fill Mexico City’s main Zocalo plaza for his final campaign rally on June 27, 2012 in Mexico City, Mexico. Today is the final day of campaigning as Mexicans prepare to go to the polls to choose a new president on July 1. Lopez Obrador, of the leftist Party of Democratic Revolution, lost the last presidential election in 2006 by a small margin and never accepted the result, citing fraud

Do you think 2018 is a critical year?

We have the Mexican elections, the NAFTA, and trade tariffs against Mexico and Canada, North Korea and the USA summit in Singapore. How can we not talk about the FIFA World Cup in Russia? I think the Mexican presidential election in 2 weeks is the most critical event in this year for Mexico.

I am not a Mexican, but I live in Mexico. I had watched all the three presidential debates which were entertaining especially Bronco’s comments like “dale un beso,” “no sea gacho,” and “a todo madre.” When I was growing up in India, I remember seeing similar kind of debates, and it was utterly entertaining.

Elections shouldn’t be taken lightly from both candidates and the citizens. One of the candidates will become the most influential person in Mexico. He will have the power to make many new laws and get rid off many old laws. Can you imagine less than 1% of the people will control the country and its policies?

My aim in writing this blog is to share with my fellow human beings in Mexico who have this critical task to vote and make it count.

I don’t belong to any political party or favor any candidate in particular. I don’t read the social media, news, videos, and WhatsApp messages which keep circulating especially against AMLO or Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. It seems like Jose Antonio Meade, Ricardo Anaya, and even the underdog, the charismatic Bronco, appears to play all out attack strategy against each other.

I think the media in Mexico has not done a great job so far. Instead of also highlighting the positives of each candidate, the focus has just been finding spicy, controversial stories against them. The media needs to be careful of what they say and how they report issues, as they can mislead many naive or first-time voters.

Media bias is a widespread phenomenon worldwide, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I urge everyone to do their research and not rely on the news or social media. All the four candidates have a chance of winning, although some have better opportunities than others. Also, we should give each candidate the benefit of the doubt before labeling them as incompetent.

To be able to run for the highest office in the country is no joke and no mean task. All four candidates deserve a fair chance to run for the presidency. I know people in Mexico want a change, but they are not sure if the changes will be good or bad. Well, no one knows what’s ahead.
We, human beings, have evolved from scavengers to build civilizations. It’s time we as a people and as human beings remember we are a resilient species. We have survived multiple crises, epidemics, and natural disasters, and, now, Mexico and Mexicans will take the result of these elections in stride.

In other words, you should make informed decisions based not only on what the media or popular belief is floating around.

Finally, as a word of caution for first-time voters and especially the millennials, your generation is the generation that will shape the human race for a better future, so make sure your vote has value and knowledge to make it count. Go and vote, and may the best candidate win.

If I were to vote and to make my choice, who would I vote for? Well, I have done my research, and I now have my candidate. I will share that in a post on June 30th

If you are one of the voters, I encourage you to share your comments on how you would make your vote count.

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Mejorar Los Márgenes || Ecommerce || Logistica || Dirijo mi propio comercio electrónico y lo que me haya funcionado lo compartiré aquí.