Loosing Some One Far Away

My Mom and My Daughter

I usually don’t get calls from India during my work hours in Mexico. My parents know I am working; they won’t bother me during work hours. But I did get a call yesterday and see my mom’s name pop up on the phone. In that split second, my brain had made at least 7 assumptions. One of my thoughts was that I hoped all was fine with my folks back home, who are in their mid-seventies.

I could feel my intuition was saying something was wrong, and I had to muster some courage to take that call. And to my relief, the first voice I heard was of my mom. I have never been so glad to listen to my mom’s voice during my office hours. I could even hear my dad’s murmur in the background; and in mili seconds, my brain was majorly relaxed.

But I knew something was wrong. My mom finally confirmed my intuition by informing me that someone in the family had just passed away, my aunt and my mom’s sister had died at the age of 62 because of a brain hemorrhage.

To be honest, I was relieved that my parents were okay and it was my aunt. I consoled my mom, who was clearly devastated at losing a sister. I hung up the phone and continued in my office, working with my team as if it was a typical day.

It all seemed to change as soon as I had reached my apartment after the day’s work. The passing of my aunt started to hit me. I began to go down memory lane and try to remember as much I could recollect about her and our families together.
We have a relatively small family, and untimely losing someone made me realize how life is unpredictable and unfair.

Traveling from Mexico to India is a 26-hour trip, so I started to grief then as I couldn’t be with my mom and our other family members who had been devastated at this very moment. Alone in the apartment after the day’s hustle, I started to think that losing someone when you were far, far away was torture.

The feeling of grief started to build even more when I began to imagine how that call could have been about my folks, too. That was just even more unsettling. What would have I done? Practically nothing.

It was my choice to move to Mexico to follow my dreams and leave my ageing mom and dad behind in India, hoping they would stay healthy, young, and away from any mishaps so I could pursue my dreams.

This phone call made me reevaluate my dreams and goals, which include building my startup pikkop to unicorn status and start tackling the challenges of time, distance, and medicine to remove the suffering caused by distance, time, and untimely deaths.

Yes, it's possible, I would like to propose Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Buffet, and millions of brilliant co-founders of brilliant startups around the world to work on building technology and solutions collectively to eradicate challenges of distance, time, and medicine/health.

Earth is our home. Everyone living on this planet is distant cousins just like my mom’s cousins (though they are not distant). With a collective effort, we can challenge grief and suffering and eventually eliminate it altogether.

Yes, it can be done. I am positive. Are you positive?

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