Men first, company second, yourself last

Men first, Nation Second and Myself third.

My dad is my hero.

I asked him for advice today via facetime as he lives in India, while I am grinding in my first start-up in Mexico City.

He was brief but precise; I remember him being the same with his troops while he was serving in the 1.4 million-strong Indian army.

He answered my question by remembering a memory he had when he walked for the first time inside the CHETWODE building ( IMA Building in Dehradoon) as an officer himself.

He said beta (son in Hindi) always keep your :

Men First
Country Second
Yourself Last

What he meant for me was to keep my employees first and be empathetic towards them listen to them and pay attention to their needs.

He spoke like a true army officer.

Name — Col Ramesh Chandra Punj (retd)

Arms — Core Of Signals

Commissioned -Batch of 1964

Thanks, once again showing me the way.

Dad, you are my hero number one, and the ironman comes a close second.

Thanks, papa once again showing me the way.

Hugs, kisses and lots love

Ashish Punj

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